Went to Substation dance studio last night for Capoeira (explains why I’m off makeup and in sports attire). I sometimes wonder why I invest time on martial arts when most don’t get a chance to use them in real life situations. It gets better when everything goes to waste the moment you stop practicing.

I love how spontaneous the usuals are. Was supposed to go to Timbre at Substation but we ended up at Clarke Quay as the queue was epic. I had Burger King for supper and we headed to Harry’s by Boat Quay. Played games to finish the bottle of vodka (A and Bee are mad lucky) and we went into the club for 5 minutes as the drunkard walked out. HAHAHA. So James and I sent him home.

I don’t club/pub often but I’m thankful for my high alcohol tolerance. I have yet to visit many places. I’ve only been to Rebel/Zirca and Powerhouse.

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