Caught Wicked at Marina Bay Sands on 20 December 2011. 

By the Australia cast!

The sound was beautiful! The vocals and live ensemble was kick ass. 

Flamboyant costumes.

Stunning sights. 

Wicked is good but not a must-see.

Something was lacking - it wasn’t Wicked enough to be tear-jerking. 

Robinsons & MIO TV Presents Prime Time Fall Fashion

Bloggers at Avalon, Marina Bay Sands two nights before!

A shame I didn’t manage to snap any full length photos because they posed behind the table we were sitting at. I think it was the best seat live!

The general impression of department stores on most teenagers? A boring office ladies’ place. However, Prime Time Fall Fashion Show proved me wrong! It’s interesting that the collection is inspired by hit TV series. I believe the fashion show was mutually beneficial to both Robinsons and MIO TV - Robinsons managed to shake off the boring department store image to a teenager like me and MIO TV managed to promote hit TV series! Cheers to that!

Check out the gorgeous collection which I managed to snap before my camera died repeatedly died on me. I apologise for not being able to capture many designs. Go ahead and be smitten by the hot models!

Gossip Girl collection! My fave!

Nikita! Maggie Q is kickass!

I really love the above!

Some photos from the finale below!!

It’s time for me to shop for a new dress. This is the second time I’m wearing this dress to an event within this two months. Major boo-boo especially when the dress design is memorable. I got the dress from ASOS.

Maybe I can put the $40 Robinsons voucher to use.

All photos are from my camera except the Robinsons ad and the 2 photos from Lifestyleasia.com.